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Civil Affairs/Humanitarian Relief

November Group utilizes subject matter experts from the US Military’s most experienced Civil Affairs units to conduct humanitarian relief operations. These highly qualified veterans are our forward representatives providing the necessary local intelligence for precise delivery of food, shelter, and water to those with the most critical need.

Disaster Response and Relief Puerto Rico November Group LLC
Supply CHain Management November Group

Supply Chain Management

November Group utilizes highly qualified supply chain managers to ensure a seamless support network for delivery of food, water, temporary shelter, essential medical logistics, heavy equipment, and critical infrastructure supplies.

Search and Rescue (SAR) operations and Emergency Evacuation of disaster victims via land, maritime, and air assets

During and immediately after major disasters, November Group personnel have successfully evacuated hundreds of civilians from severely affected areas to safety via air, land, and maritime assets. Additionally, November Group personnel have also conducted welfare checks and located unaccounted/missing persons.

Search and Rescue November Group
Medical Support November Group

Forward Medical Support in Urban and Remote Areas

Under the direction of our company Emergency Physician, November Group EMT’s, Paramedics, and Advanced Practitioners provide care to both critical and non-critical injured and infirmed patients; and managed triage and evacuation to the appropriate healthcare facilities. November Group has successfully deployed both mobile medical teams and static clinical support stations in multiple disaster areas.

Critical Infrastructure Assessment & High Value Asset Damage Control

Immediately following disasters, November Group Assessment Teams are capable of deploying to heavily affected areas to assess damage to roads, electrical grids, department stores, resorts, residential housing, and telecommunications equipment.

Infrastructure Assessment November Group
Global Response November Group

Global Security Response

To ensure safety, self-sufficiency, and an integrated and comprehensive approach to disaster recovery, November Group utilizes agents from our own Protective Security Division. The specialists assigned to this division are highly experienced in overseas assignments and have been instrumental in providing security to not only high value assets, but to our client’s representatives and our own personnel delivering healthcare and logistical support in a time of uncertainty and civil unrest.