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November Group continues our philosophy of bringing government-level capabilities to the private sector with our Medical Services Division. We have organized a collective of some of the most experienced, capable healthcare providers in the world. With backgrounds ranging from 911 emergency medical services, to special operations, to the World Health Organization, this corps of licensed EMT’s, Paramedics, Registered Nurses, Advanced Practitioners, and Physicians is trained and equipped to handle life threatening medical emergencies in the most austere environments. In the military, and more specifically in the special operations community, having advanced medical specialists embedded in a combat unit is known as Operational Medical Support. This capability is considered to be a “force multiplier”, not only because of the medical personnel’s ability to treat life-threatening conditions, but also by being able to treat minor injuries and illnesses in the field which prevents the patient from having to be evacuated to a clinic or hospital. This capability maintains troop levels, makes for a more efficient and effective force, and boosts morale. November Group now applies this experience and methodology to the private sector and can bring this highly specialized care to your organization; making for a healthier and more efficient workforce.

November Group’s Medical Services Division can provide (but is not limited to) the following services:

Medical Support November Group

Operational Medical Support

November Group Operational Medical Support (OMS) staff are well suited for performing their advanced lifesaving skills in remote and austere environments with autonomy These highly trained medical providers possess additional skill sets that enable them for duty in shipboard operations (freighters, cruise ships, scientific research vessels, etc.), Oil Rigs, Foreign Industrial facilities, and high security areas where fire, rescue, and EMS responders are either unavailable or could face major delays in responding to seriously injured or ill employees. Paramedics assigned to OMS have received  additional training in managing daily sick calls, minor suturing, and preventative health such as vaccinations and well checks. These Paramedics can consult with our on-call physician via telemedicine to discuss their patients’ conditions, treatments, and medevac; regardless of their location in the world.

Concierge Medicine

Our medical experts can be dispatched to our clients’ homes, offices, hotel rooms, etc. to treat symptoms of non-life threatening illnesses and conditions. This service may include a physical examination, vital signs monitoring, 12 lead diagnostic Electrocardiogram (EKG) monitoring, and other tests and evaluations to determine if the client’s condition warrants further care in a clinic or hospital setting. Treatments may include oxygen therapy, IV fluid infusion, and medication administration. All treatments given by a Paramedic will either be based upon standing orders or from direct medical control after the case is discussed with the on-call physician.

*If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, stroke symptoms, or other possible life-threatening conditions: CALL 911

Doctor and Children
CPR patient

Industrial/Corporate/Entertainment Medical Support

November Group Paramedics can provide on-scene medical support for your workplace, whether that may be corporate setting, industrial environment, film and video production sets, and live music venues. From Hangovers to Heart Attacks and everything in between, our staff is prepared to get you back on your feet; or to provide lifesaving interventions long before 911 First Responders and EMS personnel can arrive on scene. Our EMT’s and Paramedics are equipped with Trauma Kits, Spinal Immobilization Devices, IV Equipment, Advanced Cardiac Life Support drugs, Oxygen and Advance Airway kit, a variety of diagnostic equipment, and a 12 lead EKG with Defibrillator and External Pacemaker.