Vehicle Dynamics Course

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To ensure our customers receive cutting edge training, November Group has partnered with renown driving instructor, Keith Watts, to offer a tactical driving course unlike any other. Keith has instructed federal law enforcement organizations, intelligence agencies, and multiple U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) units. He has also raced professionally and worked as an instructor at the prestigious Skip Barber Racing School. Keith, along with our staff of former executive protection government agents and our in-house POST certified law enforcement training officers have combined their curriculums and years of practical experience to create the most comprehensive course of its kind. Available for the first time in the private sector, this in-depth course combines the sciences of physics with physiology; resulting in a symbiotic relationship between vehicle and driver. The student will then be instructed in advance skills to prepare him/her for vehicle operations in the most challenging environments. While this course is designed to sharpen skills for real world situations, it is also perfect for corporate team building. Depending on the customer’s needs and requests, students will have opportunity to be instructed in the following skill sets:

Basic Course: 1-2 days (depending on customizable curriculum)

Advanced Course: 4 days

Courses are available for individuals and groups. For private groups, the curriculum can be customized to mission/role specific purposes. Please contact us for more information.